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Workflow app may be the Automator of iOS – Updated

By John,

Workflow is a special kind of automation app. It was entered in the MHacks Winter 2014 challenge and won the award for the best iOS app in the competition.

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photo: Workflow

Created by Veeral Patel, Nick Frey, Conrad Kramer, and Ari Weinstein, Workflow lets you customize actions based on triggers or commands that you set up ahead of time in the app. For instance, in the video on their homepage, the user sets up his iPad to send any photo that is taken with the camera directly to his iPhone without any input from himself after the photo is taken.

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photo: Workflow

The app allows for a flexibility in iOS that is lacking at the moment. Greater control means a more powerful device with less drawbacks. Seems like Workflow might be on to something. Check out the video below.

Well, it’s official. Workflow has been released! Check it out for yourself here.